The Bible and the Zodiac



Welcome to all who made their way to my blog

Bible and the zodiac you may be asking?……isn’t that an oxymoron?…..doesn’t the bible condemn astrology?

If you asked me that 10 years ago I would have agreed

However I am going to make a claim that will disturb and upset people…….if so I understand……I know it did disturb me at first

it is difficult to look hard and truthfully at dearly cherished and long held beliefs

so please know I mean no harm

it concerns the zodiac and astrology

here goes:-

Astrology and the zodiac is throughout the bible….hidden in plain view for those who have eyes to see it

…and it means much more than horoscopes,your stars in the newspaper,telling fortunes and animals in a circle

It isn’t woo or gobbledygook… is an ancient science…and it’s amazing once you “get” it… I hope to show

First……….how did I get…

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