The Lamb of God (Aries and the Spring Equinox)

This blog will hopefully explain the importance of the spring equinox in the northern hemisphere….and show how the bible speaks about it in amazing allegory!

RA 200

Above…the Royal Arch Masonry zodiac….Why the “Royal Arch?”

The Royal arch because the King [Sun/Jesus/The Light Of The World] rules these signs during spring/summer…The Light has returned to the northern hemisphere!

Is it coincidence that the first letters in Royal Arch Masonry=RAM?…….the “RAM” of Aries?

The arch starts around March 21st in the zodiac sign of Aries!

In astronomy its called Right Ascension….(RA)…again a name for the sun or “right ascension of meridian”…again “RAM.”

John the baptist welcomes the Dawn of the year/Jesus…the return of the sun…now days are longer than nights.The darkness is vanquished….The dawn of the year takes away the sin/darkness of the world!

“Look, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!”

John 1:29 (NIV)

Why does John call Jesus “The lamb of god?”….and what “sin” does he take away from the world?

Look at this old map below,and all will come to light!


It may be difficult to see….but there is a wavy line on the above map this is called the ecliptic or “path of the sun”….its a bit like a sine wave.Can you see it?

Every year the ecliptic passes between the two tropics that you can see as the reddish curved lines these are……… the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn….two zodiac signs!

One at the highest point the sun will get to in it’s northern journey.(the tropic of cancer)

At the publishing of this blog we are now at the longest hours of sunlight this year….in the sign of Cancer. (June 21st…The Summer Solstice)

The other is the lowest point the sun will get to in its circuit of the year….the Tropic of Capricorn! (December 22nd…The Winter Solstice)

In the map above the top curved line at north is the Tropic of Cancer….because in the suns farthest sojourn north it reaches its height in the sign of cancer around june 21st….the longest day!

In the northern hemisphere this is called the summer solstice…(solstice means “sun stops”or “sun stationary”)

And in the south the Tropic of Capricorn…again due to the suns journey south reaching its limit in the sign of Capricorn…around December 21st…the winter solstice…just around Christmas time…the shortest day of the year!

The line straight through the middle ……is the Equator.

When the sun passes over (passover) the equator heading up to the tropic of cancer it gives us the spring and summer months….days are longer than nights……the “dark forces” of autumn and winter are defeated….light now triumphs over darkness…..the cold and dark of winter are no more…….daytime is longer than nighttime….the light of the world is here!

However when it passes over the equator heading south again in the sign of Libra around September 22nd…it gives us autumn and winter…..nights are now longer than days…….it becomes increasingly darker…………cold and deadly darkness have conquered the light!……now nothing grows……in fact things die off…….only the strong and prudent survived winter in ancient times.


In the above picture you can see when the sun is north of the equator for 6 months it is spring and summer…..light/life…..heaven! (6 months of light started off by Aries).

And when the sine wave is below the equator for 6 months we get darkness/death/autumn/winter…….this is sin….or hell. (6 months of darkness started off by Libra…the scales of justice/judgment day).

Spring/Summer is like a breathing out in nature…an exhalation…..on the higher arch.

Autumn/winter is a breathing in….an inhalation…the lower arch.

These are the two extremes.

Spring/Summer is heaven and autumn/winter is hell.

Spring/Summer is hot and autumn/winter is cold.

Spring/Summer is light and autumn/winter is darkness.

Spring/Summer is life and autumn/winter is death.

However the most important time of the year is the…Spring Equinox..this is the balance of the year (equinox=equal nights)…where the two forces mingle and combine…light and dark are equal……the twilight!

The northern hemisphere has been through its winter……and death rules the winter….symbolized by Saturn ruling the Sign of Capricorn…and Saturn is Satan…Mr.Cold/the grim reaper/old father time.

However….Saturn/Satan/Pharaoh/Herod’s time is almost up…because the sun is about to conquer him!

In the northern hemisphere this happens on march 21st in the zodiacal sign of Aries!

Again why is the spring equinox the most important time of the year?


The sun has passed over the equator…the sun is back to bring life to the earth again!

The vernal (spring) equinox is the tree of life and life starts on the earth when the sun reaches this point (the autumnal equinox is the tree of knowledge of good and evil….more about that in a later blog).

Light and life and warmth and growth and fecundity have returned….the cold/dark days are over….darkness is defeated…….the prince of darkness is vanquished by the returning hero….the sun/light…the messiah!

Greenery has returned,birds are singing and building nests.Food is abundant,the animals are mating and having babies,life and happiness has returned.


This happens every year when the sun “passes over” the equator………..this is the real meaning of ……”The Passover” on March 21st.

This is why the lamb and passover are so connected……it is all to do with the sign of Aries starting off the spring equinox.

And this same event happens every day (a day is a small year)….this happens at dawn every day when the night is vanquished by the sun…the dawn in the day equates to the spring equinox which is the dawn of the year!

Night is winter and day is summer…..this is the real meaning of Passover …the sun has passed/crossed over the equator…or in the day passed/crossed over the horizon.

Notice again in what zodiac sign the sun passes over the equator? look at the diagram above for the spring is in the sign of Aries…and Aries is the ram or lamb!

Remember what the Israelites were required to perform for the angel to pass over them? ………….mark their door with lambs blood!

Exodus 12:5-7

“Your lamb shall be an unblemished male a year old; you may take it from the sheep or from the goats. 6‘You shall keep it until the fourteenth day of the same month, then the whole assembly of the congregation of Israel is to kill it at twilight. 7‘Moreover, they shall take some of the blood and put it on the two doorposts and on the lintel of the houses in which they eat it”

Egypt represents the darkness of autumn/winter…the Israelites were escaping from that darkness,just as we do every spring equinox…the Sun sets us free from the darkness of Winter.

But on a deeper and higher level Jesus/light/sun also means “truth” inside of us…if we welcome truth/light/Jesus into our lives and discard lies/winter/darkness/ignorance/Satan…we in effect are having a “Passover” or “Easter” inside of us!

We come out of the darkness/winter/lies/ignorance if we accept the light of truth.This is the allegory/metaphor of accepting Jesus into your life…and becoming “born again” just as the earth is “born again” at the spring equinox.

This is also the meaning of David (the sun) defeating the Philistines….(forces of darkness)

The philistines,Egypt,demons/sin are all poetic allegories of the dark,negative force!

The sun entering into the sign of Aries……takes away the sin (winter/darkness/death) of the world.

Behold the lamb of god (the sun in Aries)….who takes away the sins of the world!

John 1:29

Jesus is the sun…the light of the world….the saviour!

The “burnt offering” of the lamb is a metaphor of the sun travelling through the sign of Aries.Burning away the “sins” of the earth as it consumes the lamb (Aries) figuratively “burning” it up….. and the sign of Aries (the lamb of god) allegorically gives its blood for us.


The sun/Jesus/The light of the world has returned!Giving more light and heat every day as it passes through the sign of Aries.The sun is getting stronger,days are gradually getting warmer.The sun is giving its lifeblood/rays for the earth to receive and to bring her back to life! This is why Christians climb mountains to see the sun at Easter time…to welcome back the saviour!

The saviour is THE SUN!

Christians don’t realize that they welcoming back the sun…not a literal Jesus,even though the sun is pictured right in front of them….like this sign here.They are welcoming back the sun which brings life and fertility to the barren earth.

They are welcoming back the sun/Christ/the lamb of god…….the saviour of the world!

When I was a Jehovah’s witness we had an occasion called “the memorial” every year on Nisan the 14th.

This is how you calculate that time.

First you wait till the spring equinox (around march 21st) Did I mention before,it’s all about the spring equinox?….he he.

This is Nisan….why the 14th though?

The 14th is the 14th day of the moons phase

The 14th day of the moons cycle is the full moon.

Why the full moon?

Its connected with with sex on one level..the coming together of the male and female forces..and nature in allegory.

At each spring equinox the sun represents the bridegroom coming to marry his bride.The sun is in its prime at Easter…he has the power to vanquish his enemies (winter/darkness)..bringing his light/rays/sperm/life giving force… to fructify the earth again.

The ancients couldn’t be having their god getting up to shenanigans like that without first being married!

So they had to have him married!

However…first they had to wait until the bride was fully adorned and ready for her husband!

And so we have the pure virginal bride all dressed in white (the full moon!)………fully adorned for her husband the sun!

The female moon has no light in herself…she only reflects her “husbands” glory!

This is called the “hieros gamos”…the sacred marriage.

Nisan=spring equinox…march 21st.

The 14th….is the 14th day of the moons cycle when the full moon arrives for her husband at this momentous time of the year,and the ancients had a feast for them both at their getting together just as we do today.


We still celebrate it with fertility symbols today at Easter.

Bunnies….chicks and eggs!


Also we eat hot cross buns!

The cross represents the two solstices and two equinoxes.

Why hot cross buns?

Because we are moving to the hot part of the year…spring/summer as the sun crosses over the equator and the days are getting hotter!

The cross of matter…represents the 4 elements!

See the blog “the hidden knowledge” for more on the 4 elements.

Going back to that that sine wave pictured on the map above……… is it just coincidence that a whole different set of beliefs has the same sine wave with light and darkness at either side?

The white part represents the 6 months of light.spring/summer…and the dark part 6 months of autumn/winter.

The yin and yang!

The sine wave and the light/spring/summer above

And the dark/autumn/winter below

These polarities also represent:-

Heaven and hell.



Back to the spring equinox…notice the word “East” in EASTertime.

It’s all about the East because the sun rises in the East!

The east represents life.The sun rises in the east every day to bring life to the earth!

The west is sunset and darkness and night and death.

Robert Plant sings about looking to the west and his spirit crying for leaving (death) in the song “stairway to heaven.”



The spring equinox is the return of light,the return of growth,of plenty……..its heaven!

The east is the place light and life come from…light rules!

And west is where the sun “dies”….and darkness rules!

And it’s because of the sun and light and the east that :-

In a masonic lodge the worshipful master sits in the east.


Freemasonry for women is called “The Eastern Star”

The eastern “star”……… is the sun!

The sun is a star and it rises in the east!


All the occult (hidden) orders know about these teachings….because they understand the allegories and myths of the ancients to be about the sun and the zodiac.

They understand the lamb to be the sign of Aries/east/life…the return of fertility to the barren earth.

The blossom each year at the spring equinox is compared to lambs wool!

And this is why people pray to the east.

Its all about the sun and the place of life…the sun rises in the east.

Its also why altars in a church are in the east

And as said before….why Christians go up mountains at EASTer time to welcome the sun at dawn.

Jesus is the sun….and light…and everything good.

Thomas Paine said this…

Jesus …… the sun/light/positive force in nature/consciousness/awakening of nature/renaissance.

Again…….this is the real meaning of “The Marriage feast of Cana” which also happens at the autumnal equinox.

Jesus (the sun) returns at the spring equinox and waits for his bride…the full moon.

This is why husbands have to wait for their bride at the altar…and she arrives all dressed in white.

(can you also see the meaning of all the fairy stories hidden in this allegory……the golden haired prince comes and kisses his bride (the earth) who has been sleeping (during winter)


At the marriage feast of Cana,Jesus performs his first miracle…turning water into wine!

John 2:6

“Now there were six stone waterpots set there for the Jewish custom of purification, containing twenty or thirty gallons each. 7Jesus said to them, “Fill the waterpots with water.” So they filled them up to the brim. 8And He said to them, “Draw some out now and take it to the headwaiter.” So they took it to him 9When the headwaiter tasted the water which had become wine, and did not know where it came from (but the servants who had drawn the water knew), the headwaiter called the bridegroom, 10and said to him, “Every man serves the good wine first, and when the people have drunk freely, then he serves the poorer wine; but you have kept the good wine until now.”…

Notice the story has 6 stone water jars in it.

Notice again the top picture on this blog!

The six zodiac signs of spring/summer are the 6 water jars……6 months of growth on the earth that grows the grapes…..this is the royal arch.

In fact…every year the sun/Jesus turns the rainwater into wine by giving the light for the vine to produce the grapes.

Therefore Jesus (the sun) does turn water into wine……every year.

The lamb of god……is the sun in the sign of Aries that takes away the sins (darkness/winter) of the world!

Notice again the cross behind the lamb…this is the cross of the year.This is a symbol of the spring equinox……everything I’ve said above is encapsulated in this symbol!

All hail the conquering lamb!

To convince yourself that its all about Aries and the spring equinox in allegory, go google and check the (former) hidden teachings for yourself!

I would implore everyone to research for themselves as only you can convince yourself…. these are the secrets that have been kept from the “profane” and are now coming to light!

Thanks for reading!