The Lamb of God (Aries and the Spring Equinox)

This blog will hopefully explain the importance of the spring equinox in the northern hemisphere….and show how the bible speaks about it in amazing allegory!

RA 200

Above…the Royal Arch Masonry zodiac….Why the “Royal Arch?”

The Royal arch because the King [Sun/Jesus/The Light Of The World] rules these signs during spring/summer…The Light has returned to the northern hemisphere!

Is it coincidence that the first letters in Royal Arch Masonry=RAM?…….the “RAM” of Aries?

The arch starts around March 21st in the zodiac sign of Aries!

In astronomy its called Right Ascension….(RA)…again a name for the sun or “right ascension of meridian”…again “RAM.”

John the baptist welcomes the Dawn of the year/Jesus…the return of the sun…now days are longer than nights.The darkness is vanquished….The dawn of the year takes away the sin/darkness of the world!

“Look, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!”

John 1:29 (NIV)

Why does John call Jesus “The lamb of god?”….and what “sin” does he take away from the world?

Look at this old map below,and all will come to light!


It may be difficult to see….but there is a wavy line on the above map this is called the ecliptic or “path of the sun”….its a bit like a sine wave.Can you see it?

Every year the ecliptic passes between the two tropics that you can see as the reddish curved lines these are……… the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn….two zodiac signs!

One at the highest point the sun will get to in it’s northern journey.(the tropic of cancer)

At the publishing of this blog we are now at the longest hours of sunlight this year….in the sign of Cancer. (June 21st…The Summer Solstice)

The other is the lowest point the sun will get to in its circuit of the year….the Tropic of Capricorn! (December 22nd…The Winter Solstice)

In the map above the top curved line at north is the Tropic of Cancer….because in the suns farthest sojourn north it reaches its height in the sign of cancer around june 21st….the longest day!

In the northern hemisphere this is called the summer solstice…(solstice means “sun stops”or “sun stationary”)

And in the south the Tropic of Capricorn…again due to the suns journey south reaching its limit in the sign of Capricorn…around December 21st…the winter solstice…just around Christmas time…the shortest day of the year!

The line straight through the middle ……is the Equator.

When the sun passes over (passover) the equator heading up to the tropic of cancer it gives us the spring and summer months….days are longer than nights……the “dark forces” of autumn and winter are defeated….light now triumphs over darkness…..the cold and dark of winter are no more…….daytime is longer than nighttime….the light of the world is here!

However when it passes over the equator heading south again in the sign of Libra around September 22nd…it gives us autumn and winter…..nights are now longer than days…….it becomes increasingly darker…………cold and deadly darkness have conquered the light!……now nothing grows……in fact things die off…….only the strong and prudent survived winter in ancient times.


In the above picture you can see when the sun is north of the equator for 6 months it is spring and summer…..light/life…..heaven! (6 months of light started off by Aries).

And when the sine wave is below the equator for 6 months we get darkness/death/autumn/winter…….this is sin….or hell. (6 months of darkness started off by Libra…the scales of justice/judgment day).

Spring/Summer is like a breathing out in nature…an exhalation…..on the higher arch.

Autumn/winter is a breathing in….an inhalation…the lower arch.

These are the two extremes.

Spring/Summer is heaven and autumn/winter is hell.

Spring/Summer is hot and autumn/winter is cold.

Spring/Summer is light and autumn/winter is darkness.

Spring/Summer is life and autumn/winter is death.

However the most important time of the year is the…Spring Equinox..this is the balance of the year (equinox=equal nights)…where the two forces mingle and combine…light and dark are equal……the twilight!

The northern hemisphere has been through its winter……and death rules the winter….symbolized by Saturn ruling the Sign of Capricorn…and Saturn is Satan…Mr.Cold/the grim reaper/old father time.

However….Saturn/Satan/Pharaoh/Herod’s time is almost up…because the sun is about to conquer him!

In the northern hemisphere this happens on march 21st in the zodiacal sign of Aries!

Again why is the spring equinox the most important time of the year?


The sun has passed over the equator…the sun is back to bring life to the earth again!

The vernal (spring) equinox is the tree of life and life starts on the earth when the sun reaches this point (the autumnal equinox is the tree of knowledge of good and evil….more about that in a later blog).

Light and life and warmth and growth and fecundity have returned….the cold/dark days are over….darkness is defeated…….the prince of darkness is vanquished by the returning hero….the sun/light…the messiah!

Greenery has returned,birds are singing and building nests.Food is abundant,the animals are mating and having babies,life and happiness has returned.


This happens every year when the sun “passes over” the equator………..this is the real meaning of ……”The Passover” on March 21st.

This is why the lamb and passover are so connected……it is all to do with the sign of Aries starting off the spring equinox.

And this same event happens every day (a day is a small year)….this happens at dawn every day when the night is vanquished by the sun…the dawn in the day equates to the spring equinox which is the dawn of the year!

Night is winter and day is summer…..this is the real meaning of Passover …the sun has passed/crossed over the equator…or in the day passed/crossed over the horizon.

Notice again in what zodiac sign the sun passes over the equator? look at the diagram above for the spring is in the sign of Aries…and Aries is the ram or lamb!

Remember what the Israelites were required to perform for the angel to pass over them? ………….mark their door with lambs blood!

Exodus 12:5-7

“Your lamb shall be an unblemished male a year old; you may take it from the sheep or from the goats. 6‘You shall keep it until the fourteenth day of the same month, then the whole assembly of the congregation of Israel is to kill it at twilight. 7‘Moreover, they shall take some of the blood and put it on the two doorposts and on the lintel of the houses in which they eat it”

Egypt represents the darkness of autumn/winter…the Israelites were escaping from that darkness,just as we do every spring equinox…the Sun sets us free from the darkness of Winter.

But on a deeper and higher level Jesus/light/sun also means “truth” inside of us…if we welcome truth/light/Jesus into our lives and discard lies/winter/darkness/ignorance/Satan…we in effect are having a “Passover” or “Easter” inside of us!

We come out of the darkness/winter/lies/ignorance if we accept the light of truth.This is the allegory/metaphor of accepting Jesus into your life…and becoming “born again” just as the earth is “born again” at the spring equinox.

This is also the meaning of David (the sun) defeating the Philistines….(forces of darkness)

The philistines,Egypt,demons/sin are all poetic allegories of the dark,negative force!

The sun entering into the sign of Aries……takes away the sin (winter/darkness/death) of the world.

Behold the lamb of god (the sun in Aries)….who takes away the sins of the world!

John 1:29

Jesus is the sun…the light of the world….the saviour!

The “burnt offering” of the lamb is a metaphor of the sun travelling through the sign of Aries.Burning away the “sins” of the earth as it consumes the lamb (Aries) figuratively “burning” it up….. and the sign of Aries (the lamb of god) allegorically gives its blood for us.


The sun/Jesus/The light of the world has returned!Giving more light and heat every day as it passes through the sign of Aries.The sun is getting stronger,days are gradually getting warmer.The sun is giving its lifeblood/rays for the earth to receive and to bring her back to life! This is why Christians climb mountains to see the sun at Easter time…to welcome back the saviour!

The saviour is THE SUN!

Christians don’t realize that they welcoming back the sun…not a literal Jesus,even though the sun is pictured right in front of them….like this sign here.They are welcoming back the sun which brings life and fertility to the barren earth.

They are welcoming back the sun/Christ/the lamb of god…….the saviour of the world!

When I was a Jehovah’s witness we had an occasion called “the memorial” every year on Nisan the 14th.

This is how you calculate that time.

First you wait till the spring equinox (around march 21st) Did I mention before,it’s all about the spring equinox?….he he.

This is Nisan….why the 14th though?

The 14th is the 14th day of the moons phase

The 14th day of the moons cycle is the full moon.

Why the full moon?

Its connected with with sex on one level..the coming together of the male and female forces..and nature in allegory.

At each spring equinox the sun represents the bridegroom coming to marry his bride.The sun is in its prime at Easter…he has the power to vanquish his enemies (winter/darkness)..bringing his light/rays/sperm/life giving force… to fructify the earth again.

The ancients couldn’t be having their god getting up to shenanigans like that without first being married!

So they had to have him married!

However…first they had to wait until the bride was fully adorned and ready for her husband!

And so we have the pure virginal bride all dressed in white (the full moon!)………fully adorned for her husband the sun!

The female moon has no light in herself…she only reflects her “husbands” glory!

This is called the “hieros gamos”…the sacred marriage.

Nisan=spring equinox…march 21st.

The 14th….is the 14th day of the moons cycle when the full moon arrives for her husband at this momentous time of the year,and the ancients had a feast for them both at their getting together just as we do today.


We still celebrate it with fertility symbols today at Easter.

Bunnies….chicks and eggs!


Also we eat hot cross buns!

The cross represents the two solstices and two equinoxes.

Why hot cross buns?

Because we are moving to the hot part of the year…spring/summer as the sun crosses over the equator and the days are getting hotter!

The cross of matter…represents the 4 elements!

See the blog “the hidden knowledge” for more on the 4 elements.

Going back to that that sine wave pictured on the map above……… is it just coincidence that a whole different set of beliefs has the same sine wave with light and darkness at either side?

The white part represents the 6 months of light.spring/summer…and the dark part 6 months of autumn/winter.

The yin and yang!

The sine wave and the light/spring/summer above

And the dark/autumn/winter below

These polarities also represent:-

Heaven and hell.



Back to the spring equinox…notice the word “East” in EASTertime.

It’s all about the East because the sun rises in the East!

The east represents life.The sun rises in the east every day to bring life to the earth!

The west is sunset and darkness and night and death.

Robert Plant sings about looking to the west and his spirit crying for leaving (death) in the song “stairway to heaven.”



The spring equinox is the return of light,the return of growth,of plenty……..its heaven!

The east is the place light and life come from…light rules!

And west is where the sun “dies”….and darkness rules!

And it’s because of the sun and light and the east that :-

In a masonic lodge the worshipful master sits in the east.


Freemasonry for women is called “The Eastern Star”

The eastern “star”……… is the sun!

The sun is a star and it rises in the east!


All the occult (hidden) orders know about these teachings….because they understand the allegories and myths of the ancients to be about the sun and the zodiac.

They understand the lamb to be the sign of Aries/east/life…the return of fertility to the barren earth.

The blossom each year at the spring equinox is compared to lambs wool!

And this is why people pray to the east.

Its all about the sun and the place of life…the sun rises in the east.

Its also why altars in a church are in the east

And as said before….why Christians go up mountains at EASTer time to welcome the sun at dawn.

Jesus is the sun….and light…and everything good.

Thomas Paine said this…

Jesus …… the sun/light/positive force in nature/consciousness/awakening of nature/renaissance.

Again…….this is the real meaning of “The Marriage feast of Cana” which also happens at the autumnal equinox.

Jesus (the sun) returns at the spring equinox and waits for his bride…the full moon.

This is why husbands have to wait for their bride at the altar…and she arrives all dressed in white.

(can you also see the meaning of all the fairy stories hidden in this allegory……the golden haired prince comes and kisses his bride (the earth) who has been sleeping (during winter)


At the marriage feast of Cana,Jesus performs his first miracle…turning water into wine!

John 2:6

“Now there were six stone waterpots set there for the Jewish custom of purification, containing twenty or thirty gallons each. 7Jesus said to them, “Fill the waterpots with water.” So they filled them up to the brim. 8And He said to them, “Draw some out now and take it to the headwaiter.” So they took it to him 9When the headwaiter tasted the water which had become wine, and did not know where it came from (but the servants who had drawn the water knew), the headwaiter called the bridegroom, 10and said to him, “Every man serves the good wine first, and when the people have drunk freely, then he serves the poorer wine; but you have kept the good wine until now.”…

Notice the story has 6 stone water jars in it.

Notice again the top picture on this blog!

The six zodiac signs of spring/summer are the 6 water jars……6 months of growth on the earth that grows the grapes…..this is the royal arch.

In fact…every year the sun/Jesus turns the rainwater into wine by giving the light for the vine to produce the grapes.

Therefore Jesus (the sun) does turn water into wine……every year.

The lamb of god……is the sun in the sign of Aries that takes away the sins (darkness/winter) of the world!

Notice again the cross behind the lamb…this is the cross of the year.This is a symbol of the spring equinox……everything I’ve said above is encapsulated in this symbol!

All hail the conquering lamb!

To convince yourself that its all about Aries and the spring equinox in allegory, go google and check the (former) hidden teachings for yourself!

I would implore everyone to research for themselves as only you can convince yourself…. these are the secrets that have been kept from the “profane” and are now coming to light!

Thanks for reading!


Saturn-The Lord of the Rings!


Hi peoples of the planet!

Hopefully this blog will explain the following:-

Why Satan is often pictured as a goat.


…..and why the Devil is often associated with fire!


It’s all nature and the zodiac/astrology folks!

Every year millions of people all over the world celebrate Christmas as it arrives around the Winter Solstice.

In Rome there was a festival celebrated around the winter solstice called “Saturnalia.”

Why Saturnalia?…Why the connection to the planet Saturn,and also the god Saturn?

Well….its due to the influence of the zodiac and astrology!

Many of the customs of Saturnalia have been absorbed into the celebration of Christmas.

Christmas is celebrated mostly on December 25th,around about the Winter Solstice!

And what sign of the zodiac is December 25th in?

December 25th is in the zodiac sign of Capricorn…the goat!

If you are familiar with some astrology,you will know that each sign of the zodiac is traditionally ruled by one of the seven planets…look at the table below and you will see that Capricorn is ruled by Saturn.


Saturn rules the house of Capricorn(the goat),he is on his throne in Capricorn,and in the northern hemisphere Capricorn starts off the three months of winter!

Here we have a depiction of the house of Capricorn…Capricorn is the goat and the planetary ruler of Capricorn is Saturn!

In fact the word “capri” means “goat!”

The Winter Solstice is the “midnight of the year”…the longest night is at the winter solstice…..light is in short supply as it’s also the shortest day!

Darkness rules over the light…and isn’t Satan called the “Ruler of darkness?”

Winter is the time of darkness and death in the northern hemisphere….also of cold and decomposition!

In the yearly cycle, the Sun/The light of the world/Jesus “dies” at the winter solstice as it reaches the tropic of Capricorn.The old Sun of the previous yearly cycle dies here,just before the “new” sun starts the next cycle off.

In allegory,Jesus is forsaken by his father,and killed by Satan!

Notice the theme of darkness in the scriptures,also Jesus being forsaken at Matthew 27 verses 45 and 46

Darkness came over all the land.And about the ninth hour Jesus cried out with a loud voice, saying, “Eli, Eli, lema sabachthani?” that is, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”


2013 Faith Church Final Words my god
Notice again the theme of darkness…’s the winter solstice,where the sun dies on December 22nd…and 3 days later you celebrate Christmas…the “newborn baby” Sun is born for the next yearly cycle.

This is the “cross” below which Jesus/The Sun dies on every year.

See the winter solstice?This is when Jesus dies to the old year and the new year is about to start.


As said,death,cold,darkness and hardship are the kings of the earth in the northern hemisphere at the winter solstice.

Saturn the ruler of the house of Capricorn is at his strongest at this moment of the year.

Saturn is Satan….Ruler of the house of the goat!

Note Saturn with this sickle,this is important because Saturn is also the “Grim Reaper.”

This is why this time of the year was called Saturnalia in Rome around the sign of Capricorn at the winter solstice.

It is nature in allegory!

All the representations of the devil/Satan are symbols of Capricorn and Saturn.

the book called “the secret teachings of all ages” says this

Saturn is also the called the black sun in astrology.

Saturn is the opposite of the Sun,Saturn represents darkness,and the Sun represents light.

And doesn’t the word “Satan” mean “adversary” or “opposer.”

The sun is Jesus,Jesus is the positive aspect of nature….the “Yes” part of nature.

2nd Corinthians 1:20,talking about Jesus says.

“For all the promises of God find their Yes in him. That is why it is through him that we utter our Amen to God for his glory.”

Jesus is the aspect of light/life/growth/fruitfulness/happiness/truth/summer/heaven/positivity….YES!

The black sun is Saturn/Satan/the dark aspect of nature/death/non growth/decomposition/lies/winter/hell/negativity….NO!

They are the opposites in nature!


Jesus/the Sun,rules the Spring/Summer months…the light/heaven!

Satan/Saturn,rules the Autumn/Winter months,the darkness/hell…The inferno!

The Italian word for winter is L’Inverno…the Inferno.

And doesn’t inferno mean hell and fire?

Yes!….But it is a cold fire….not the hot fire that we think of when we imagine hell….it is the cold fire of decomposition that occurs at wintertime as all the greenery of the summer months now breaks down.

Satan/Saturn rules the inferno,Saturn rules the night time of the year/the dark/the cold…he is Mr. Freeze….Mr. Cold!

He is also “the prince of the power of the air!”

Ephesians 2:1-3

“And you were dead in the trespasses and sins in which you once walked, following the course of this world, following the prince of the power of the air.”

Why is Satan/Saturn called the prince of the power of the air?

 John 14:30-31 (NIV)

“I will not say much more to you, for the prince of this world is coming. He has no hold over me”

Look again at the above bible verse

Jesus (the sun/light) who rules spring and summer says “the prince of this world is coming”

The “prince of this world” would be Satan/Saturn who rules the autumn/winter.

Jesus reign starts at the spring equinox (march 21st) in the sign of Aries.(Aries is the ram/sheep/lamb) Jesus is the lamb of God.

His reign lasts for six months till the autumn equinox arrives at September 23rd in Libra…the scales of justice.

These are the six months of light/growth/fecundity.


RA 200In the above picture,Jesus/the Sun rules this part of the zodiac,the spring/summer months.In the mystical teachings this is called “The Royal Arch.”

However in the story of Jesus in the bible,there is a time when he is about to be judged.

The six months of light come to a halt,the nights are about to get longer than the days…everything is about to be reversed…growth and light have had their day!

This happens in the sign of Libra at the autumnal equinox!

Libra is symbolized by the scales,and you still see the scales connected with courts where judging happens to this day.(It’s all due to the zodiac and astrology)


We are now in the sign of Libra (around September 23rd),when the scales tip and the darkness now rules over the light.Nights are longer than the days!

What planet exalts (or rises) in Libra?

And what planet falls in Libra?

Look at the box on the top right in the wiki page below.

Saturn/Satan is exalted in Libra,and the Sun falls in Libra.

Do you see the allegory?

In Libra at the balance of the autumnal equinox,Saturn is exalted.

Saturn/Satan is on the up and up…….taking over from the light!

Jesus/the Sun is on the way down.The Sun falls in Libra.The Sun/Jesus is deposed from his throne,the “Royal Arch” is no more!

In the sign of Aries (opposite the autumnal equinox at the spring equinox). It’s the opposite way round.

The Sun/Jesus is on the way up (in the bible he is gathering his disciples and about to set out on his preaching and healing ministry)

The Sun exalts in Aries!

Saturn falls in Aries! Saturn/Satan is dethroned!

Again…see the box at top right in the wiki page below to see the reverse of Libra which is opposite Aries in the zodiac!

Back to Saturn in Libra though……

Libra is the “cardinal” air sign.


The cardinal signs are the power signs,they are the “we have lift off” signs.The power that starts each season…the door to the season (and cardo means hinge)

They are the signs that start the season off.The door/gate and spark of each season.

Aries (fire sign) starts spring off.

Cancer (water sign) starts summer off (hence tropic of cancer is the summer days in the northern hemisphere)

Libra (air sign) starts autumn off.

And Capricorn (earth sign) starts the winter off.

As we saw earlier,Saturn exalts in the power (cardinal) air sign of Libra.

Can you see now why Saturn is the prince (exalted in Libra the air sign) of the power (cardinal) of the air?

Again…Libra is an air sign.

It’s all an allegoric,poetic way of telling us about Saturn exalting in the sign of Libra at the fall/autumn equinox(return of darkness to the northern hemisphere)

This is when darkness/Satan/Saturn returns to reign for 6 months,and the sun is in decline and off into exile.

Saturn rules this world,his symbols are all around us,and yet very few notice this fact….let me explain.

Lets look at some symbols of Saturn.

Saturn’s colour is black in astrology/alchemy…..well he is the prince of darkness after all!

lead and black

Saturn is also connected to the shape of a cube (six sided) according to the Sefer Yetzirah.

For more information,research the “cube of space” in the “sepher yetzirah” and its link to Saturn.

A cube has 6 sides. Satan/Saturn has links to the number 666.

Every year,Islamic people take a pilgrimage to walk around this black cube.


This is the kaaba….kaaba means cube…a black cube

The pilgrims to Mecca have to circle the Kaaba,this is called the “Tawaf”

The pilgrims circle the Kaaba just as the rings of Saturn circle around the planet!

Did you notice that from this angle,the cube has the shape of a HEXAGON!

Look also at this Jewish man with his “Tefillin.”

PhotoELF Edits: 2010:01:23 --- Saved as: 24-Bit 100% JPEG YUV444 --- crop

Again,it’s the black cube!

Saturn according to the mystical occult teachings,is the force that holds our 3 dimensional world together (symbolized by the cube,up/down,left/right/forward and back)…it is the king over matter… doesn’t mean that it’s bad or good….it’s a necessary FORCE that allows matter to exist.

Look also at this scripture below.

Acts 7:43

“Yea, ye took up the tabernacle of Moloch, and the “star of your god Remphan””

Who or what was remphan?

Remphan is Saturn!

What does the star of Remphan look like?



The star of David is the star of Remphan….the star of Saturn!

(Have you noticed the Star of David has a hexagon inside it?)

See the hexagon inside the star?

A star with 6 points,just like the 6 sided cube at the Kaaba.

and what about Christianity?

The cross of Jesus is in the shape of an unfolded cube.

102_282cThe cross of 6 squares!

The Kaaba is a 6 sided cube!

The Star of David has 6 points.

And we have 666!.Mankind has been hexed with matter.In fact the word “hex” is number 6.

The word “Hex” also means a “spell” or a “witch!”

And lastly,look at this picture of Saturn’s north pole.



What are the chances that it’s a 6 sided shape.A hexagon!The same hexagon as inside of the Star of David/Remphan…..Saturn!

Another name for Saturn is Kronos/Cronus or Chronos where we get the word “chronology,” linked with time!

Chronology is connected with the number 6,also the sexagesimal system and its multiples.(Can you also see the word “sex” connected with Chronos/Saturn?)

We have 60 seconds.

60 minutes.

24 hours (4×6)  are the 24 elders in the book of Revelations.

We have 1440 minutes in a day ( if you took 1440 to the third degree you would get 144000…a day for a year for a great year!) (Another number in the book of Revelations).

These numbers are connected to “time.” “Old Father Time,”also known as “The Ancient of Days in the bible,with his long white beard.(The God Saturn has a long white beard)


Saturn or Chronos is “The Grim Reaper”(see my post “the magnificent 7” about the link between Saturn and “The Grim Reaper).

Why is Saturn the grim reaper?

Because Saturn is Chronos and Chronos gives us the word “chronology”…’s all to do with time!

Mankind has been hexed with time!….Again hex= number 6.

And time eventually destroys everything on this earth……EVERYTHING!

The greatest civilizations on earth will all eventually disappear.

The poet Shelley recognized this when he wrote the classic poem “Ozymandias.”


“I met a traveller from an antique land
Who said: “Two vast and trunkless legs of stone
Stand in the desert. Near them, on the sand,
Half sunk, a shattered visage lies, whose frown,
And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command,
Tell that its sculptor well those passions read
Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things,
The hand that mocked them and the heart that fed:
And on the pedestal these words appear:
‘My name is Ozymandias, king of kings:
Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!’
Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare
The lone and level sands stretch far away.”

Do you get what Shelley is saying?

He tells us of  a ruined statue in the desert,two legs and a shattered sneering face of a once powerful ruler!On a pedestal it says “My name is Ozymandias “King of Kings”..”Look at me ye mighty and despair.”Yet despite all of his power and command….even his statue lies rotting….He hadn’t reckoned with Old Father Time,who sweeps everything away…..Saturn is the skeleton with the scythe or sickle….who harvests mankind and levels everything and everyone with his deadly blade.

And us?The sands of time are running out for us also.We will soon be 6 feet under.And there’s the 6 again…he he

This is the real meaning of “THE LAKE OF FIRE.”

We live in the figurative lake of fire……or in the fiery hell of the bible!

Decomposition and decay is happening all around us.From bodies to buildings to vegetation to rocks.Everything will die and decay.Some things decay slower than others….but given enough time they will all disappear.All because of Saturn/Chronos/time and decay.

This is why Saturn is the grim reaper.He is death and decay personified…he is the old goat,who laughs at the plans of even the most fearsome human and their plans for world domination.

As Shelley said in his last verse of the poem above.

“The lone and level sands stretch far away……………………………………..”

Watch these two videos below,and see the cold fire of Satan burning things away.

The above videos show us we live in a “Lake of Fire” right now,and it’s all around us!

To a faster or slower extent this will happen to everything on the earth.

Nothing is permanent…everything decays.

This decay when speeded up….looks like “fire” burning things up!

Now do you see why Satan/Saturn/Kronos rules the lake of fire?

This is why Jesus said in Matthew 6:19-21

“Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal.“But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys, and where thieves do not break in or steal; for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

At one end of the scale is decomposition,yetat the other new life and structures are being built!

Its a cycle………or like a snake or serpent eating its own tail!

This is the meaning of the Ouroboros.


Do you see the star of David/Remphan/Saturn/Satan in the above picture?It’s all a symbol of chronology…the serpent eating it’s own tail!

So really…Satan/Saturn does rule this world of matter and constant decay and rebirth.

2 Corinthians 4:4

Satan, who is the god of this world, has blinded the minds of those who don’t believe. They are unable to see the glorious light of the Good News. They don’t understand this message about the glory of Christ, who is the exact likeness of God.”

Notice in the above scripture,the contrast of light and darkness,the blind and those who see the light?

666 is also called the number of man.

Revelation 13:18

“This calls for wisdom. Let the person who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man. That number is 666.”

Why man’s number?

Of all the carbon life forms on this planet,man is top of the tree!

We are the highest of all the carbon life forms on earth.

And carbon has a structure of

6 protons

6 electrons

and 6 neutrons


Just a coincidence?

These are the teachings of the occult orders,that have been hidden and handed down for thousands of years.

Mankind has been hexed!

Some secret orders were called the “Carbonari.”

Another name for Saturn is Sut(soot).Get the connection to carbon and waste products and the colour black?

Saturn was also called “Set,”as in “sun-set.”When darkness returns in the cycle of the day,and the Sun seemingly plunged into the dark underworld to the ancients!

Because Saturn,the black sun rules the night/cold/frightening dark.

Satan really is the ruler of this world,because he is a metaphor for time and decay,destruction and death!

However unless things decay,you would get no new growth.That is why manure is needed to invigorate new plants and life.

Satan/Saturn is also called Beelzebub,or lord of the flies,as flies are found at this end of the spectrum or cycle.

Decomposition and death/destruction……and new life through that process!

Remember the sun is reborn every year at Christmas,the darkest time of the year!

Jesus was born in the midst of his enemies,allegorically in the scriptures.Herod/Herrut tried to extinguish the newborn light.

Christmas occurs in Capricorn (the goat). Satan rules over new birth also.

Saturn rules Capricorn(remember this fact and you can work out bible allegories…its a key!)

The birth of the sun on December 25th,as it starts the new year.

New life grows from decaying matter….manure.

This is why Saturn is the god of agriculture…..However his harvest is everything, humans included….he completes the cycle!

New life comes through Saturn/Satan also.

So really,Don’t fear the (grim) reaper and his sickle!

He’s only doing his job….and as has been said elsewhere.

“Its a dirty job….but someone has to do it”

That someone is Saturn!

It’s occult science and nature/the zodiac……all hidden in the scriptures,myths and religious texts all over the world!

If you managed to get through all that……thanks for reading!

2nd Corinthians chapter 3 verse 6 says

“For the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life”

So don’t look at the bible literally….see the real story!

Thanks for reading fellow peoples of the planet!

The Magnificent 7 planets.





Hi fellow peoples of the planet!

All throughout the bible,from Genesis to Revelation,we can see that the number 7 features prominently.

From the seven “days”of Genesis (six creative and then the seventh,the day of rest,)to the seven seals,seven trumpets and seven bowls of judgment in the last book of the bible,namely the Book of Revelation.

(Revelation meaning “revealing.”The word “apocalypse” also means “uncovering”)

The number seven saturates the scriptures.

The above pictured menorah also has seven branches.

So why the number 7?

I have heard people saying that it means completeness,but why would the number seven represent completeness?

Why not three or four or any other number?

Is there anything else that might explain the riddle of the seven?

Well,according to Clement of Alexandria and Philo Judaeus,the number seven represent the 7 planets…also called the classical planets.

The seven planets of the ancients!

The seven statues at the Palace Fronteira in Lisbon representing the 7 planets are (from left to right) The Moon,Mercury,Venus,the Sun,Mars (unsheathing his sword),Jupiter and Saturn eating his children.

So why seven planets,what does it even mean?

Well the seven classical planets represent seven concepts/forces/energies which affect us all.

It took me a while to get used to this concept,seven planets affecting us down here on the earth?

And two of them aren’t even planets!

If you don’t know the seven planets of the ancients already,here they are.

(in fact you do already know them,they are all contained in the days of the week.)

Each day is named after one of the seven planets of ancient times.

Monday is named after the moon(moonday).(see,not even a planet!)

In French,Monday is called “Lundi,”where we get lunar from….or lunacy!

Luna is the goddess of the moon.


Tuesday is Mardi in French (Mardi Gras=fat Tuesday)

Mardi is “Mars” Day.

In English its called Tuesday,named after Tyr.

Tyr is the god of combat,linked to the god Mars (the god of war.)

Tyr is Mars as seen through the cultural lens of the Norse folk!

Tyr and Mars are the war Gods,pictured often with their sword!

Mars also gives us the name of the month of March!

Why is March named after Mars?March is the month that starts off the sign of Aries.

And as all astrologers know….the planet Mars rules the sign of Aries! (Ares/Aires )

The God Ares is actually the Greek version of Mars,as Tyr is the Norse.

In the bible the Areopagus (Ares Rock) is also called Mars Hill.

The only thing different about them is the fact that various cultures talk about the same concept/force in their own unique manner.

Wednesday in French is “Mercredi” (Mercury day) or Wodan’s day.

Wodan/Odin/Wotan is equated with the god Mercury.

Mercury is also the god Thoth of the Egyptians,and Hermes of the Greeks.

In Lord of the Rings,Gandalf is representing Mercury,with his staff,and Moses in the bible represents Mercury(again with his staff.)


Thursday is Thor’s day,or in French “Jeudi,”named after Jupiter (Jupiter’s day)

Thor is Jupiter,he is also Zeus,again all the same influence or force,represented in various myths.

Thor is a god of thunder,Zeus and Jupiter are also gods of thunder and storms.

And isn’t the planet Jupiter the planet of storms?



Friday is “Vendredi” in French,named after Venus,and Venus in Norse is Freya or Frigg!

Venus is also Astarte,Ishtar and Aphrodite,all feminine forces,not because the cultures copied each other,but rather they personified a natural force of nature through their own cultural lens.

In fact look at all the names on this picture below,ask yourself,why do all the nations earthwide have this force of fertility,beauty and love?


Any old punk rockers out there will now know why the Sex Pistols song “Friggin’ in the riggin'” starts off with the lyrics.

“It was on the good ship Venus!


Saturday is named after Saturn (Saturn’s day).

In french it is Samedi (Sam’s day) Sam is connected with Saturn. Saturn is Satan.

Some people even contend that “Uncle Sam” is representing Saturn/Satan.


Please remember Satan/Saturn is a force and concept.It represents opposition and resistance.Think also of the word “Saturnine.”

Some countries even call America,”the Great Satan.”

Finally we arrive at Sunday,named after the Sun of course (again…not a planet).

The Sun is Jesus,the Sun is the Lord,and in french the word for Sunday is “Dimanche.” meaning “day of the lord.”

Now we have the magnificent seven!








As stated previously,each of the planets is really an “influence” an “energy” or “concept” symbolized by each planet.

For example the phrases “martial” law,or “martial” arts  come from Mars the god of war.

The atmosphere of combat/war was symbolized as the “god” Mars to the ancients.

In a war between two armies,be sure,the god Mars is in the midst of it,reveling in the division….the boisterous energy/combat/killing/mayhem.

I would like to stress this point however,each planet or god,has both a good influence as well as a bad influence.

The planet Mars has good energies also,think of the boisterous energy of a crowd at a concert.

The word “mercurial” comes from the planet Mercury and means animated/lively/sprightly/quick witted…which Mercury surely is!

The god mercury has wings on his feet,because he is the messenger of the gods,he brings the messages from the Gods (or realm of thought,hence why he is called Thoth (thought) in Egypt.

In Greek he is called Hermes.

Mercury is “thought” in one realm/plane,and rules the nervous system in the body.(all the planets rule a system in the body.)

When you stub your toe….Mercury is the one who carries the message to the brain to let you know……instantly with his winged feet!

This is what the planet means.A concept/energy/influence.

Lots of courier firms are named after this planet.Hermes,Mercury,Gemini.(Mercury rules the sign of Gemini.)

This is why the sign Gemini (important!…ruled by mercury) is involved with communication and travel.

The apostle Paul took a ship from Malta with the figurehead of Castor and Pollux on it.(Castor and Pollux are the twins of Gemini.(the Dioscuri)Ruled by Mercury(travel and communication.)

However,Mercury is also the magician,the trickster and the god of thieves.


Jupiter is Jove/Zeus/Thor/Vulcan.Once again they are all the same god or energy/influence.

This is where you get the word “jovial” from.Jupiter is the greater benefic in astrology.

It’s also the reason the God of the new testament is the happy giving God in the guise of Jesus.Jupiter rules the sign/age of Pisces,whereas the previous age (Aries) was ruled by Mars the war god.

Venus (the lesser benefic) is the planet of love or desire.However you can always have too much of a good thing!

Hence some poor unfortunates get “venereal” disease from following their Venus/their desire.The word “venereal” comes from Venus.

Venus is also Aphrodite.The word “aphrodisiac”(stimulating sexual desire) comes from Aphrodite.

“Saturnine,”meaning gloomy/sombre/bad tempered comes from grumpy old Saturn.

This is the role Saturn “plays.” The colour black is Saturn’s colour.

Think of funerals/courts/churches,the connection to the colour black and the gloominess that is the Saturnian influence.

Serious/sombre and ritualistic.


Yet Saturn does have a good side.

Christmas arrives in the sign of Capricorn ruled by Saturn,and Christmas is party time!. Time for some revelry (Saturn is also the god of revelry.)

Saturnalia in ancient times was a time of revelry.

pour me another….hic!

Santa is Saturn with his long white beard (Saint Nicholas…”Old Nick.”)

Saturday night is party night of the week.(Saturday night fever)The saturnine influences are there.

From funerals to Saturday night.You have both sides of Saturn’s extreme energies….and they are extremes!

Saturn is the most extreme of the planets in that it is furthest from the Sun and takes almost 30 years to make an orbit.

Saturn is old father time/the ancient of days in the bible…the one with the long white beard.

He is also the grim reaper with his scythe or sickle.He is the god of agriculture(he harvests souls.)

However,don’t fear the (grim) reaper.He’s only doing his job!

It’s a dirty job,but someone’s gotta do it!

Blue oyster cult had the song…”Don’t fear the reaper.” Do you think they were maybe talking about Saturn?

The song comes from this album named “Agents of fortune.”














Do you notice where his finger is pointing on the album cover?That is a symbol of Saturn or Kronos/Chronos.

Back to the planets again.

What about the Sun/Mr Sunny himself.

The Sun is the light/the Messiah/the Christ.

When the sun shines you notice the dirt,you see dust in the air all around you.

It shows up everything,it also reveals things that were once hidden by the darkness…hence spring cleaning.

When the Messiah arrives on the earth,all of the works done in darkness will be exposed to the bright light of the Sun/Jesus/the truth/the Messiah!

The creatures that belong to the darkness will now retreat from the light exposing their dark works!

There will be a spring cleaning on this earth as sure as spring shows up every year…it has to…it is a cycle.

Spring Cleaning Just Ahead Green Road Sign with Dramatic Clouds, Sun Rays and Sky.

And finally the beautiful silvery Moon!

The moon is “female,”she is adorned in virginal white.She reflects her husband’s (the sun) light.

The moon is linked to water/blood/emotions and the tides,also the woman’s menstrual cycle.


These are the magnificent seven!

We can see the seven hidden in the scriptures,again just under the surface,and it needs a bit of digging to see them.

Here’s an example below.

Revelation 1:12

And I turned to see the voice that spoke with me. And being turned, I saw seven golden lampstands”

(Here we have the number 7 mentioned,so it should alert us to have a look for the seven planets.)

Next,John describes someone like a “Son of man” in the midst of the seven.

“And in the midst of the seven lampstands one like unto the Son of man, clothed with a garment down to the feet and girt about the breasts with a golden girdle.His head and his hairs were white like white wool, as the snow, and his eyes were as a flame of fire,and his feet like unto brilliant metal as if they burned in a furnace and his voice as the sound of many waters.And he had in his right hand seven stars, and out of his mouth went a sharp two edged sword, and his countenance was as the sun when it shines in its strength.”

1549 Slovonic spitting sword woodcut

Do you see the 7 planets in these verses?

You will! Only if you know what you are looking for.

Page 186 in the webpage below quoting “the secret teachings of all ages” by Manly Palmer Hall,has this to say concerning the description of the logos figure above.

In my personal copy it is on page 610.

“The Logos-figure described is a composite picture of the seven sacred planets: he has the snowy-white hair of Kronos (‘Father Time’), the blazing eyes of ‘wide-seeing’ Zeus, the sword of Ares, the shining face of Helios, and the chiton and girdle of Aphrodite; his feet are of mercury, the metal sacred to Hermes, and his voice is like the murmur of the ocean’s waves (the ‘many waters’), alluding to Selene, the Moon-Goddess of the four seasons and of the waters.”

Kronos is another name for Saturn.

Saturn is “Old Father Time,”or the “Ancient of Days,”with his long snowy white hair.

Zeus is Thor is Jupiter,with his wide seeing,blazing eyes.

The sword of Ares,and again Ares is the Greek name for Mars.

Helios mentioned in the verse above,is the Sun.

“Heliopolis,” means “City of the Sun”. Another name for Heliopolis was the city of “On”

And light manifests when we switch it “on!”

Aphrodite/Venus in the verse above is girt around her breasts with a golden girdle.

Mercury is Hermes/Thoth.

Mercury is a liquid metal,and the verse above mentions the feet being like a liquid metal from the furnace.(remember also the wings are on Mercury’s feet)

Selene is Diana/Dinah/Artemis…..the Moon,and the moon affects the tides just as “the sound of many waters” are heard from the composite figure.

Seven planets in one place in the scriptures!You can see them throughout the scriptures,when you get eyes to see them.

Mordecai and Esther are the benefics…Mordecai is Jupiter and Esther is Venus!

Each of the seven wonders of the ancient world are also named after one of the planets!


Here’s an interesting talk on Saturn and its influences.

I cant recommend this enough,this guy explains things better than I could ever hope to do.

Once YOU get the patterns,and know what to look for yourself……you will see these planets (or gods) all throughout the bible.

And you will start teaching yourself,you will do the digging!

“When the pupil is ready the teacher will (and must) appear”

Another wee example.

In the book of Ezekiel,there is a man with a writing case at his side.

Now what planet or god is connected with writing and communication?

what planet is the psychopomp?

Check the caption belonging to the picture in the above wiki page to see what planet or god is the psychopomp.

Googling is a great tool to help see all the facets and nuances of each of the seven planets.

Notice he puts a mark on the head of all those sighing and groaning over the things happening on the earth.

What is the mark?

Again,the mark is connected to a planet.What planet?

Why are they there? More to come in later blogs.

They are all there in the bible,you just need to see the patterns,and you will see them all over the pages.

In later blogs we will go into more detail about each of the planets as they “star” in the allegories all through the bible along with the zodiac signs.

It’s an amazing treasure trove to start looking for…YOURSELF!

You will never need to look to any religion to guide you,you will be your guide!

Thanks for reading!