The Mazzaroth

“Canst thou lead forth the Mazzaroth in their season?”

The book of  Job 38:32.

Zodiac mosaic in Beit Alfa synagogue
















a panoramic view of Beit Alfa zodiac mosaic

Here’s another wee story from the bible.

Joshua 4:19,20

19 The people came up out of the Jordan on the tenth day of the first month, and they encamped at Gilgal on the east border of Jericho. 20 And those twelve stones, which they took out of the Jordan, Joshua set up at Gilgal.

So,after crossing the jordan river and setting up camp at a place called “Gilgal”

Joshua orders the Israelites to take twelve stones from the river,one for each “tribe” and place them there “in memory”.

What a strange thing to do,why did they do it?

Modern scholars suggest that it may have been an ancient stone circle saying”Gilgal” means a circle of standing stones.

However,why 12 stones in a circle?

Merely a representation of the 12 tribes?

Well,there is another circle that people are familiar with,that contains 12 segments or posts.

The wheel with 12 signs.

The zodiac,the Mazzaroth,the circle of life!

The circle of animals.

And doesn’t “Zoe” mean life?

“Zodiac” also means the circle of life.

Jesus walked round Galilee with his 12 disciples….(notice the word “disc” in the word disciples?)

And isn’t it convenient that the name “Galilee” means circuit?

could it be the circuit of the zodiac?

What if Jesus is the sun….the light of the world…consciousness?

And the twelve disciples are the 12 signs of the zodiac?

Jacob just happened to have 12 sons,again that number,why 12?

We have the 12 tribes of Israel,again,why 12?

Jesus’s first words in the scriptures happened when he was 12 years old.

Outside the bible …..the connection to the twelve is also seen.

For instance,the story of Hercules,he had how many labours?

again its the 12!

Hercules is the sun and the 12 labours are the different “trials” the sun goes through as it passes through the 12 months and 12 signs of the zodiac.

There are 4 seasons and 12 signs/months.

Each season containing 3 zodiac signs which consist of.

1/ A “Cardinal” sign to start the season off, “Cardo” means hinge/gate.

It means the opening of something,in this case each cardinal sign opens each of the four seasons.

Think of Jack Nicholson in “The Shining” knocking the door down with his axe and shouting….”heeeeere’s spring!” or here’s summer!/autumn/winter…its the sign that announces the new season,the sign that opens the door to a new phase of the year.

The four cardinal signs are Aries,Cancer,Libra and Capricorn.

The cardinal is also like the birth of something….us being born is the cardinal part of our life cycle.

2/ Next we have the “Fixed signs”,where each season is fully established….bang in the middle of the season.

The fixed signs are Taurus,Leo,Scorpio and Aquarius(the 4 living creatures)bull,lion,eagle and man.

Whereas cardinal signs start the season off,the fixed signs are the full representations/manifestations of each sign.

Whereas the “cardinal” is like the birth part of our life…the “fixed” part of our life cycle would be us in our prime adulthood.

3/ The “Mutable” (mutable meaning subject to change) where the old season is about to end the new season to begin…it’s akin to the changing of the guard!

In our life cycle the mutable would coincide with our old age,when we are about to shuffle off this mortal coil.

From Shakespeare’s “Hamlet.”

“What dreames may come, When we haue shufflel’d off this mortall coile, Must giue vs pawse.”

The four “Mutable” signs are Gemini,Virgo,Sagittarius and Pisces,and each of these sign brings an end to each of the four seasons it belongs to.

Each sign of the zodiac gives off an “influence” or “energy” or an effect different from all the others.

the cold midwinter sign of the zodiac is Capricorn (the sun at its weakest/lowest in the northern hemisphere)

And it has a different effect/atmosphere and feel on the earth than Leo,which is the warmest part of summer.

And to bring it down to the daily cycle,dawn has a different feel/effect/atmosphere to it than mid morning,which again differs from mid afternoon.

And it all happens from the angle of light/heat/direction of the sun.

A more modern version of the allegory of the zodiac is “King Arthur and the 12 knights of the “round” table.

12 knights?….a round table?

Again,it’s the circle and the 12….the zodiac!

King Arthur is the sun,and the 12 knights are the 12 signs of the zodiac.

The famous historian Josephus,in writing about the garments of the high priest,stated this about the 12 stones in the breastplate.

“And for the twelve stones, whether we understand by them the months, or whether we understand the like number of the signs of that circle which the Greeks call the Zodiac, we shall not be mistaken in their meaning.”

The quote is from the end of chapter 7 on the above page,scroll down to confirm for yourself.

What are the 12 signs of the zodiac?

Well starting from the spring equinox (which arrives march 21st in Aries),the order goes as follows.

1.Aries the ram/lamb/sheep.

2.Taurus the bull/calf/cow.

3.Gemini the twins (Castor and Pollux).

These are the three spring signs.

4.Cancer the crab.

5.Leo the lion.

6.Virgo the virgin.

The above are the three summer signs,and all in the three signs of spring and the three signs of summer form “The Royal Arch!”

RA 200The royal arch contains the 6 months where the sun rules and the crops grow in the northern hemisphere….Jesus/The light is in the world!……however after Virgo…we head into the dark part of the cycle…where the sun loses his strength.

We are about to get 6 months of darkness starting with:-

7.Libra (the scales of justice).

8.Scorpio the scorpion(also the serpent and eagle) Scorpio alone has three symbols representing it.

9.Sagittarius the centaur.

Libra,Scorpio and Sagittarius are the three months of autumn.

Now we head down into winter/hell.

10.Capricorn the goat/sea-goat.

11.Aquarius the man with the water pitcher or jar of water.

12.And finally…..Pisces (the two fish).

Have you noticed that all these signs and symbols can be found in the bible?

The bible contains lions (of the tribe of judah).

Could the tribe of Judah be representing the sign of Leo in the zodiac?

In zodiacal anatomy Leo equates to the heart…see the wiki page below.

Leo represents the heart…hence Richard the “Lionheart.”

We say in everyday speech that someone can have the “heart of a lion.”

We see it mentioned in the bible at 2nd Samuel 17:10.

“Then even the bravest soldiers, though they have the heart of a lion, will be paralyzed with fear. For all Israel knows what a mighty warrior your father is and how courageous his men are.”

We even see it in other languages…for instance in the film “The Godfather” the name of the family is “Corleone”….and Corleone means lionheart.

In fact here are a few examples of how universal the lion and heart connection is.
















Jesus is known as the “Lion of the tribe of Judah”…..hence the link between Jesus and the heart.



Leo is also the middle of summer…..the light is in the world.

Leo is “fixed fire” (see other blogs for more info)….the hottest part of the day/year.

Jesus represents the light and warmth of the sun in the middle of summer,symbolized by the sign of Leo the lion and the roaring sun.

it is consciousness and light and warmth,summer days are happy days.

Let’s take another example,the sign of Aries the ram/lamb/sheep.

Aries is the start of the spring where the sun crosses the equator to bring back the light and growth to the earth.

Important info ahead!

Aries is the dawn of the year!

And going back to zodiacal anatomy,the zodiac in our own body.

When we realize something or get an enlightening thought,don’t we say,”it DAWNED on us?”

also in the above picture of the zodiacal man,is it a coincidence that Aries (the dawn of the year/lamb of god) represents our head where things “dawn” on us?

we even see cartoons with a light bulb above peoples heads to represent realization/dawning/light/awakening!


Or we say,”a light went on in our head.”

Again a literal light did not go on in our head,it is merely a saying because,”light” helps us see things clearly.

ARIES is the most important sign of the zodiac,the sun passes over the equator in Aries,heading up to the “Tropic of Cancer.”

The light has returned to the world,again…Aries is the dawn of the year!

The sun is the lion king.,the suns rays being like the lions mane(the lion king movie is the story of the sun in allegory).


The symbols of the other signs are found in the bible stories.

separating the sheep (Aries the start of spring and growth) and the goats (Capricorn the start of 3 months of winter and darkness)

In the allegory of the sheep and goats,the sheep/Aries go off into the light/spring/heaven.

And the goats (Capricorn) go off into the three winter months of darkness/hell/winter.

Let’s see some other zodiac signs in the bible.

Jesus feeds people with two fish (Pisces).




There are backbiters(scorpions/scorpio)scorpions “bite” or “stab” from the back

Romans 1:30

“Backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things”

Gemini is the sign of the  twins……Castor and Pollux.

Acts 28:11

“After three months we put out to sea in a ship that had wintered in the island–it was an Alexandrian ship with the figurehead of the twin gods Castor and Pollux.”

Yet another coincidence is that the third house ruled by Gemini is connected with communication and travel…it is also ruled by Mercury who is connected to communication….he is the “messenger” of the Gods after all.

Look around you and you will see radios (communication) named after Gemini,courier firms called after Hermes or Mercury.

here’s just a few examples.



The zodiac and the planets are all around….we just need eyes to see them!

Libra is the sign of the scales of justice,the balance that weighs things.

In the book of Daniel we find Belshazzar about to be “judged/weighed.”

Daniel 5:27 KJV.

“TEKEL; Thou art weighed in the balances, and art found wanting.”


Another sidenote…the “writing on the wall” not written by human hand in Daniel….could it possibly be the constellations in the wall of the sky that is being talked about?

We also have bulls (Taurus),virgins (Virgo).

The horse and it’s rider (Sagittarius).

Exodus 15:21

“And Miriam answered them, Sing ye to the LORD, for he hath triumphed gloriously; the horse and his rider hath he thrown into the sea.”

And look at this interesting scripture in Luke 22:10.

New Living Translation
He replied, “As soon as you enter Jerusalem, a man carrying a pitcher of water will meet you. Follow him.

A man with a pitcher of water?

Aquarius is the man with the pitcher of water!


What if the gospels are speaking about the sun’s yearly journey round the zodiac in pictorial language?

The four seasons,and funnily enough we also have four gospels.

It would be the greatest story ever told,why?, because it is told to us every day in a small way,morning,afternoon,evening and night,the four parts of the day.

And in the year,Spring(morning),Summer(afternoon),Autumn(evening) and Winter(night).

And isn’t “The greatest story ever told” also a film about Jesus(the sun/light) and his journey around the zodiac with his twelve disciples/signs of the zodiac?

It is the greatest story because it happens without fail every day…and year.

and it also the story of us.

we have 12 months in a year,and those months are split into 4 seasons….the 4 again!

the 4 stations of the cross of the year

spring equinox

summer solstice

autumn equinox

and winter solstice

again….its a cross

see the four corners of the earth..the four seasons,the “quarters” that Jesus/the sun stays in every year?











Think the ancient sages knew about this?

Is this why they spoke about the 4 corners of the earth?

If you merge the above cross…the cross of the four CARDINAL SIGNS (important).

It gives us a cross like the cross of Saint George.

St. George Cross

With the cross of the 4 cross quarter days

The cross of the four cross quarters day gives us the cross of Saint Andrew or an “X”


You get this cross here…the 8 part star shape or the “Union Jack”…Jack is the sun….Jacob….Jacob is Israel!


Hence the “Jacobites” were “Israelites.”

Jacob represents the 6 months of darkness,and when he wrestles the angel(crosses the equator) he then becomes Israel,the 6 months of light.

We also see the same idea represented by Elijah and Elisha,one represents autumn/winter and one represents spring/summer.









Samhain,pronounced “sowen” is at Halloween time.

Imbolc (pronounced “I-Molg” is “Candlemass”,or Groundhog Day. (my birthday)

Beltane is mayday,with the maypole on May 1st.

And Lughnasa or Lammas.

Yule (wheel) is at christmas (winter solstice)…the 12 days of christmas….again the twelve!

Mabon…autumn equinox.

Ostara,spring equinox,Easter.

and midsummer(summer solstice) also called John the Baptist day….see later blogs for more detail.

And look at the ancient symbol of earth.

The colour picture above is the cross of matter which jesus….”the sun” gives his life for mankind every can see the sun in the picture.

It looks similar to a Celtic Cross.


Every day,every year,Jesus the light of the world.(the sun) gives his rays (blood,life) for all mankind.

and receives nothing from us in return!

He (the sun) turns water into wine….by giving the vines the light and heat they need to grow grapes……during the 6 months of spring/summer.

As said before,the 6 months of spring/summer,are called the royal arch in freemasonry.

Leonardo da Vinci uses the 4 seasons and 12 zodiac signs in the last supper painting.








Have you noticed the 12 disciples above are in four groups of three?

Just like the 4 seasons each containing three signs of the zodiac or months.

And Jesus (representing the sun) in the centre of them

The blessed months are sitting at his right hand(spring/summer)and the dark months at his left hand(autumn/winter).

Matthew 25:33-34

33 He will put the sheep on his right and the goats on his left.

34 “Then the King will say to those on his right, ‘Come, you who are blessed by my Father; take your inheritance, the kingdom prepared for you since the creation of the world.


We have 24 hours in a day.

again to reiterate what was said above….each day is split into four parts.



Dawn in the day is the equivalent of spring in the year.

The sun/light/Jesus returns and expels the darkness/Satan/Saturn….(more later about Saturn!)

Midday is the equivalent of midsummer’s day in the year,June 21st,the zenith…the heights,the highest point the sun will reach in the sky…Jerusalem!

(Jesus riding into Jerusalem triumphant and the people waving palm branches is the allegorical representation of it)

Dusk of the day is the equivalent of autumn in the year.

(Jesus getting judged at the sign of Libra,the scales of justice)

and midnight is the same as Midwinter’s day (or winter solstice)

Jesus/the old sun dies,lies in his grave for three days(the solstice) and is reborn to start the new year as a little baby surrounded by darkness at midwinter,again allegorically depicted as Herod trying to kill him,and in the Moses story Pharaoh trying to kill baby Moses!

A day for a year…a day for a year!

Numbers 14:34

“After the number of the days in which ye searched the land, even forty days, each day for a year, shall ye bear your iniquities, even forty years, and ye shall know my breach of promise.”

Each day is a miniature year… has it’s own spring,summer,autumn and winter!

These are the wheels Ezekiel was telling us about.

Wheels within wheels…..

The day is a wheel/circle/cycle containing it’s own zodiac.

The year is a wheel with four seasons.

There is also another (third) wheel,a Great Year,sometimes called the “platonic year”.

It’s also called the “Precession of the Equinoxes”/Axial Precession,again its a science.

The wise men who wrote the scriptures understood this bigger year.

And told us about it in stories and when you “get it” you will see that this is what the bible is telling us about.

A year that lasts approximately 26,000 years with 12 segments yet again.

Each section of the big year is called not an hour(day) or month(year),but rather an “Age”..and there are twelve ages.

The Spring part of the platonic year is called the “Golden Age”.

Summer part of the great year is called the “Silver Age”.

The Autumn age is called the “Bronze Age”.

And Winter is the “Iron Age”

Another big zodiac.

24 hour day…a wheel.

12 month year…a bigger wheel.

26000 year axial precession….an even bigger wheel!

(wheels within wheels)

Jesus said he would be with us till the end of the age…….what age?

We will speak about that in future blog.

The next blog will be about the 7’s in the bible and what they stand for.

Thanks again for reading!







The Hidden Knowledge

Mark 4:22

“For everything that is hidden will eventually be brought into the open, and every secret will be brought to light.”

Continued on from my first blog here..

So………Ezekiel and John saw the 4 living creatures,also known in Christianity as “cherubim.”

They are as follows…

A Lion






Ezekiel also spoke about “wheels within wheels”….(we will come back to the “wheels” in a later blog)

However,it wasn’t only those two bible prophets who used these motifs/symbols.

The four creatures are also seen pictured in other cultures.

Consider the “lamassu” of the Assyrians.


Again the 4 living creatures appear.

The face of a man

Wings of an eagle

Body of lion and bull

The sphinx has the same features also,why would they all identify with the four?

Egyptian,Babylonian and Greek sphinxes all contain the 4 living creatures.

They are even called tetramorphs after these four features,”tetra” meaning “four.”

And once you realize what those 4 creatures represent,you will notice it in all religions in some form or other.

Yin/yang,lotus flower,swastika,the four 4 limbs of the cross,the 4 letters of the name of God. (Tetragrammaton)

The four letters are,from right to left…yod,heh,vav,heh.

I will expand on the connections between all differing religions later in the blog.

We also see this “fourness” in nature. One example would be the 4 seasons.

Spring,summer,autumn and winter.

And we see it in us!

Let’s look at the 4 fixed signs of the zodiac.

Taurus the bull.

In the zodiac with its 12 signs,all of the signs represents one of the four elements.

The zodiac sign of Taurus also represents one of the classical elements.

It represents the element of “EARTH”


Leo the lion represents the element of “FIRE”


The eagle of Scorpio represents the element of “WATER.”

And the man of Aquarius represents the element of “AIR” (not water as you would think with the water jar).

Important info folks! The four fixed signs of the zodiac represent the four elements.  (As do lots of other things as we will see).

The four elements,earth,air,fire and water are symbolized,and correspond to so many different things.


For instance the four letters of the tetragrammaton also correspond,each one to one of the four elements.

However,you may ask,what does that mean if anything?

This is what has been hidden from us for thousands of years by occult groups.The word “occult” meaning “hidden,” not evil.

These are the “secrets” kept by solemn oaths for thousands of years,now coming to light.

It’s a deep understanding of nature,how it works and recognition of the subtle forces at play.(which mostly goes unnoticed).

The 4 elements symbolized by the 4 living creatures,represent among other numerous things.

The 4 states of matter.





And isn’t it coincidental that the 4 states of matter correspond with the 4 elements.

Solid is the element of “earth.”

liquid corresponds to the element of “water.”

Gas corresponds of course to the element of “air.”

And plasma corresponds to the element of “fire.”


This was a form of ancient science!

The ancients recognized (in all cultures) this fourness,whether it was the four directions (north,south,east and west) and four seasons,four corners of the earth (more about that in a later blog). But they all had their symbols of the four.

Another example…the “lotus flower” is an eastern symbol of the four elements also.

Why a lotus flower?

Well…..a lotus flower has its roots in the EARTH.

it grows through WATER.

out into the AIR.

and looks toward the sun……FIRE. (Giving us the four elements again)

So in yet another culture,the symbol the lotus flower is a symbol of the four elements.


Here’s something to ponder on though,the human spine is referred to as a lotus flower in occult literature


(Here’s a clue….a lotus flower starts in the earth!)

If you google for yourself the connection between esoteric information and this knowledge of the 4 elements,your search should supply you with enough information that this is well known to esoteric societies.

I would like to stress that I want you to look for yourself and verify that these are hidden teachings now coming to the light,with information now at our fingertips.

We can find out and link things in seconds which would have taken years in times past.

In previous times,if you could even read a book,finding another on a similar subject,would have been a difficult task.

Joining the dots would have been almost impossible.And to see the patterns in other cultures signifying the same concepts in their own particular manner,would be out of the reach of most.

However,we are now in the information age,that can help us grasp the patterns.And  once you recognize the patterns,you will start noticing these things everywhere.

There is also a “fourness” in things in nature,such as the four seasons,as mentioned before.

But let’s look a little closer at the four seasons.

Two of the seasons are male or projecting out.

These would be spring/summer,where growth happens on the earth.There is an abundance of light and warmth.The light rules the world during these two seasons.

And two female seasons are a “drawing in.” The Autumn and Winter are dark and cold.There is no growth,In fact things start falling apart,i.e the leaves fall from the trees.Darkness now has the upper hand,and rules over the light.

It’s like a breathing out in spring and summer.

Then a breathing in,in autumn/winter.

(And think now why people think the female brought the male to ruin in the Adam and Eve story and all should start to link).

So out of the four elements,two are male,and two are female!

Air and fire are male,and earth and water female.

What about chemistry? Well again it has the “fourness,” this time called “CHON”


The building blocks of life are carbon,hydrogen,oxygen and nitrogen.

Carbon corresponds to EARTH. (You dig up coal and diamonds (carbon) from the earth.)

Hydrogen is WATER. (hydrogen meaning “water generator”)

Oxygen corresponds to the element of AIR.

Nitrogen corresponds with FIRE.

In the fourth section down,Manly Palmer Hall writes the following.

“The water element of the ancient philosophers has been metamorphosed into the hydrogen of modern science; the air has become oxygen; the fire, nitrogen; the earth, carbon.”


The four fundamental forces of physics also contain two male forces and two female,as the four seasons and four states of matter do.

The four fundamental forces of physics are,strong nuclear force,weak nuclear force,electromagnetism and gravity.

Two are “male” forces and two are “female.”

Strong nuclear force and weak nuclear force are male or outward projecting forces,as are spring and summer in the year.

Gravity and electromagnetism are attracting forces,just like autumn and winter.

Strong nuclear force is the element of FIRE

Weak nuclear force is AIR

Gravity is EARTH

Electromagnetism is WATER

You even see the four in a deck of cards due to their occult background.

Spades and Clubs are phallic/male suits.

Hearts and Diamonds are female suits.

The swastika is a symbol of the four elements in motion….swirling and you see the swastika in loads of cultures worldwide.


The 4 limbs of the cross represent the four elements also,and it all comes from the zodiac.

The four elements make the 4 directions on a compass…north,south,east and west

The yin/yang symbol has the four also.


Please take note that the white part has a small black dot inside it.And likewise the black part has a small white circle contained within it.

It’s the 4 again!

This also is the secret of the tetragrammaton(the four letters.)

Two of the letters are male.

“Yod” and “Vav” are both male and correspond to spring/summer,also strong and weak nuclear force,oxygen and nitrogen and fire and air.

The two “heh’s” are female,and equate to autumn/winter,electromagnetism/gravity,carbon/hydrogen and earth/water.


This world is all about those forces…the male and female.

notice there are two white and two black parts in the yin/yang? again it is the FOUR!

Magnets have a male and female side…the two poles or polarities.

In your electric plug there is a male and female wire…positive/negative.

In atoms,the proton is male and electron female.

In the interaction between positive and negative we see how nature gets things done.

(this is the real meaning of the Song of Solomon.It’s describing the male and female forces of nature,the active and passive,the positive and negative forces).

Light (positive) and darkness (negative) and the interplay between them in nature.

In freemasonry,it’s the symbol of the compass and square.

The compass represents the male and the square represents the female.

And when the two come together…things happen!

Generation happens,the sexual orgasm brings life to the barren “earth” of the female,the egg is fertilized and a new generation comes about through this most holy act….hence the letter “G” in the middle of the male and female.


Do you notice that the compass is like the active male on top and the square like the receptive/passive female in sexual union?

The positive and the negative,the day and the night,the light and the dark come together and sparks fly.

It’s nature and how it works.The ancients weren’t stupid,they understood these forces,and symbolized and pictured them in their own way,according to their own particular culture that is part of the 360 degree spectrum that exists throughout all the earth.

Secret societies have kept this knowledge hidden from the masses (or as they call them ……the profane.)

Not out of malice,because with knowledge comes responsibility.

The profane are those not in the know,they are outside the temple of knowledge.

Harry Potter calls such ones “muggles” but it is the same thing.

“Jews” are those in the know and “Gentiles” are those outside the temple in the courtyard…hence the “court of the gentiles.

(“Profane” means outside the temple)

Hopefully this gives you a glimpse into what the four living creatures stand for.




And Eagle!

Now you may understand why the 4 gospel writers are pictured as the above animals also.

Scroll down to “evangelists symbols” on the above page to confirm for yourself.

Matthew is the man

Mark is the lion

Luke is the bull

John is the eagle

Evangelists 2

It’s a form of ancient science.

The four elements!

There is also a fifth element though(isn’t that a film?)

But I’ll leave that for you to find out for yourself.

Here’s a hint though,its the letter “shin” that inserts itself into the tetragrammaton.

Its also the reason why Aleister Crowley said…”every man and woman is a …”STAR”

He was an occultist who knew the secret teachings,and he had lots of deep insights into this hidden knowledge.


The four elements are also one of the secrets of the Vitruvian man moving from 4 points to the fifth.


Next time I’ll speak about why there are so many 12’s in the scriptures,and what they mean.

Thanks for reading folks!

Please share this info if you can.

The Bible and the Zodiac


Welcome to all who made their way to my blog.

The bible and the zodiac?You may be asking yourself,isn’t that an oxymoron,doesn’t the bible condemn astrology?

If you asked me that 10 years ago I would have agreed.

However I am going to make a claim that will disturb and upset people,and if that happens to be the case, I understand,I really do,I know it did disturb me at first.

It is difficult to look hard and truthfully at dearly cherished and long held beliefs,and to even consider them as being wrong,it is as hard as staring at the midday sun,and mostly everyone will turn away from doing so!

So please know I mean no harm.

My claim concerns the zodiac,astrology and the bible.

Astrology and the zodiac is all throughout the bible,hidden in plain view for those who have eyes to see it,and are willing to dig just under the surface of the bible verses.

And it means much more than horoscopes,reading your stars in the newspaper,fortune telling and weird animals in a circle.

It isn’t woo or gobbledygook,it is a form of “ancient science,”and it’s amazing once you “get” it… I hope to show.

First though,how did I get to this point,how did I get here,and what brought me to this thinking?

Well since I was little,I’ve been asking,”what is life all about?”

My mum said I was always interested in wanting to know who God was even when I was little,I always remember her telling me one of the first questions I ever asked was “Who is God?”

I also wanted to know what the bible was saying from a young age,I could not understand a word of it,yet it seemed somehow important to people.

I always thought it was telling us something,but for the life of me,I couldn’t grasp what.

However,the need to know what it was saying,seemed at times insatiable.

This led me to religion,I tried churches here,there and everywhere….but they didn’t seem to feed my “hunger.”

I was always as empty leaving them as I arrived,yet everyone else around me seemed happy enough,satisfied with what they were taught,so therefore I used to think the fault lay with me.

Then I became a Jehovah’s witness through a circle of friends,one of my friends had a sister who was in the navy,and he told me she was going to leave the Royal Navy to become a Jehovah’s Witness.

Well I knew nothing about Jehovah’s Witnesses and asked him why it would make her leave what I thought was a good career,it sounded a strange decision to make.

He said she had found “the truth” about the bible and she could no longer remain in her career.

Then I had another friend who after talking one time about “spiritual things” with the same group of people (none of whom actually were Jehovah’s witnesses) he gave me a book to read saying it was very interesting.

The book was “You can live forever in a paradise on earth” written by the watchtower society.

When I started reading it,it seemed to use bible verses all the time to explain it’s stance on things,and I thought it had answers for every question raised.

For compared to my little understanding I had at that time on my life’s journey,and the understanding of every churchgoer I had met previously,JW’s seemed to know a lot.

They seemed to know their bible well,and when asked any question,could quote scriptures fluently to answer them,and boy could they flick through the bible,knowing every book it seemed and pinpoint the answer in seconds.

I thought I’d found where God was! (uh oh)

I met my wife there,and I was a Jehovah’s witness for over two decades,thinking I had the truth.

However (I bet you knew there would be a however…he he),the gnawing returned and eventually my questioning led me out of there too.

I started to realize the witnesses knowledge of the bible was by rote,and they never strayed much off their well trodden path.

And when I really started to question “our” dearly held beliefs…the answers were not forthcoming…however hostility was.

I remember the occasion of the last circuit assembly ( a circuit assembly is a gathering of a couple thousand JW’s),I asked a brother I knew,a simple question I had at the back of my mind,concerning  Job 40:17.

(You’ll probably laugh at the absurdity of the conversation but it’s where JW’s are in their thinking)

Jehovah’s witnesses say that the “behemoth” talked about in Job was a hippopotamus according to the “society.” (the top brass).

The verse says…..

“Its tail sways like a cedar; the sinews of its thighs are close-knit.”

I said to the brother that I didn’t think the tail of a hippo resembled a cedar as it was just a little short thing.

Hippo tail 2

His answer shocked me,he said to me “Watch what you’re doing,beware of looking too close into things…as the brothers who write the books know much more than you,and to start researching yourself can get you into spiritual trouble”

I thought,”WOW!” we are really that we cannot even talk about the bible verses openly and “stray off the path” of what we’re told…not even one iota or people get nervous around you.”

(petty stuff eh?)

And adding on to that experience,I saw a “sister” (JW’s call each other “brother” and “sister”) crying outside the main auditorium and was being calmed and comforted from one of the assistants.Her response again stopped me in my tracks…she actually said “I should try crying like this more often,I got more attention and help here,than I’ve ever had at my own hall.”

I could see the poor woman was depressed,obviously felt unloved and unnoticed,and all this in “Jehovah’s loving organization.”

After that I went back into the main auditorium and saw the “man from Bethel” (Bethel is the main headquarters) giving his talk,walking up and down…people were hanging on to his every word,nodding and applauding,all the while I could see some of the things he was saying weren’t right.

The scales were falling from my eyes!…..big time!

Then my questioning continued,I remember saying to my wife one time,”I think there is something wrong with the Governing Body as they have had an affiliation with the United Nations for 10 years” (Jehovah’s witnesses teach that the UN is the seven headed wild beast of the book of revelations).

And the watchtower’s response was that they only did it to gain a “library card” the UN have stated that you do NOT have to be an NGO (non-governmental organization) to use the library… someone was lying…….guess who?…he he


So I said to my wife,I think there is wrongdoing going on with the Governing body,but not to worry…”Jehovah is still in charge”,at that she burst out crying saying I was trying to destroy her faith!

It stunned me!…it really did!I thought she would at least look at what I was talking about.

She didn’t…I could sense the fear from her!

Things from then on took a life of its own,there was no going back for me…I wanted to follow what was true,not lies perceived as truth.

I started “allowing” myself to research further and the house of cards collapsed completely.

I started to try to help others see the sham of the watchtower and all of the lies they were telling……oops! big mistake…no one wanted to hear it (that shocked me again).

In fact it turns out….everything was my fault!…I was the baddie for questioning.

I even received a visit from two of the elders on a shepherding call

They did not appreciate my sincere questions,or give me any answers that satisfied,and when I showed the convincing evidence of their false teachings,it was water off a duck’s back.

I (to my amazement) even received bitter opposition for even daring to ask such questions.

The cracks began to spread like lightning bolts……….

To say I was shocked when the house of cards collapsed would be an understatement.

My whole world evaporated before my eyes.

“Friends” who I thought were real friends disappeared,whoosh,gone,overnight!

In my greatest time of need when I needed someone to talk to,I had no one,I never felt more alone.

I want to state here though,they aren’t bad people,not at all,they are good people under a “spell/delusion” that binds them.

A “spell” that compels them to follow “the faithful and discreet slave” obediently without question.

It reminds me now of the German people under Nazism,compelled to obey by peer pressure,never to question the leadership.

JW’s are never to doubt God’s sole channel,to obey and follow no matter what,and to castigate/shun those who question the leadership.

They still ignore me to this day,it is incredible how you can be loved one day and hated the next,by your whole social circle.

Under immense pressure though,my wife,our kids,all stayed by me even though they are still witnesses.

Although it did cause an earthquake in their lives,they stood through it and we are still intact 8 years later.

I started to read the books I was told were dangerous “apostate” books …yet  they were the very books that would free my mind from the “spell” I was under…and believe me I am convinced it is a form of mind manipulation/control or as some call it…undue influence.

Those books were telling me the other side of witness world,and it helped me to have an “informed” opinion,rather than a “uniform” opinion.

I had no idea I was even under such a “spell” in the slightest,however looking back I now accept it was a form of conditioning,influence……….mind control!

I had an awakening of sorts,a new realization,a paradigm shift…an enlightening!

We were told as JW’s,that “apostate” books would confuse and trick us,lead us to destruction of faith.

That is wrong!… have an informed opinion you need to see the other sides point of view and if you really,REALLY have the truth it should stand up to scrutiny and should swat any lies like a gnat.

I realized that the people who wrote “apostate” books weren’t the demons we were told they were.

They were merely folks who could no longer ignore that small quiet voice inside,listened to their conscience,and tried to help those imprisoned by the lies of the governing body.

Even though they knew the dramatic consequences that speaking out would lead to,such as an ousting from their social circle….as I eventually would come to realize for myself.

For anyone interested Raymond Franz was such a man,he lost everything for “TTATT” (the truth about the truth) (Jehovah’s witnesses call their religion “the truth“) and you can read his story in the book “crisis of conscience.”

All of the above is said as background to how I arrived here.

So here I was,back where I began.


Then came the jolt that started me on this amazing journey.

And it concerned the book of Ezekiel and his visions

Who was Ezekiel?

Ezekiel was among the captives taken into exile to Babylon from Jerusalem in the scriptures.

While in Babylon by the river Chebar (or Kebar) he had a vision of a chariot with four living creatures.

Raphael’s depiction of the four creatures starting from from bottom right going clockwise… bull,lion,man and eagle

The 4 living creatures were:-

A bull.

A lion.

A man.

And an eagle.

And here’s where serendipity entered into things.

My cousin who had an interest in astrology said they were the 4 fixed signs of the zodiac.

The bull was Taurus

The lion was Leo

The man was Aquarius

And the eagle represented Scorpio!

I thought,stop there,I hardly know the zodiac but I know that the eagle isn’t a sign for Scorpio…the scorpion is…I knew that much….or so I thought!

However a quick google and there it was!

The next thing that made me go “hmmm” was looking at those four signs on the zodiac wheel.

they formed a cross on the wheel.


A cross?…now isn’t that strange?

However….what did it all mean?

Why were Ezekiel and John who wrote “the book of revelations” telling us of the 4 creatures?

Ezekiel 1:10 KJV

“As for the likeness of their faces, they four had the face of a man, and the face of a lion, on the right side: and they four had the face of an ox on the left side; they four also had the face of an eagle.”

Revelations 4:7

“The first creature was like a lion, and the second creature like a calf, and the third creature had a face like that of a man, and the fourth creature was like a flying eagle.”

Next time I will continue my journey.

And talk more about these 4 strange creatures and their link to the tetragrammaton,and how they symbolize the same concept….or formula!

And all Jehovah’s witnesses know about the tetragrammaton (meaning “four letters”).

Thanks for reading.

Peace to all peoples of the world!